What books did Johann Sebastian Bach have on his shelves at the time of his death?

We have a list of them.
Most of the books themselves were lost.

But not all of them.

Fortunately the book that for Bach was the most important, his three-volume Bible, has been preserved and found its way to a library in St. Louis, USA.


You can now subscribe to this unique Bach document, which reproduces the original in the most minute details.

A unique facsimile of the most extraordinary Bach document
A complete facsimile, in which every detail of the original is being reproduced, is now in the making. Companies in the United States (where the Bible is kept in Concordia Seminary Library in St. Louis) and Poland (where experts are intensely involved in the printing and binding process) are at work for the Dutch publisher Van Wijnen of Franeker, who acquired the world-wide rights for this publication. All are collaborating toward a remarkable finished product.
For anyone with an intense professional and/or emotional bond with the music of Bach and his world, it must be an exciting prospect to be able to acquire a fine facsimile of Bach’s own Bible.

The Bach-Calov Bible will be available for the first time. Never before has this unique work been republished.

Unique workmanship

If you order in advance you will also receive an exclusive special invitation to the official international presentation of the Bible in Leipzig, as well as to the American presentation event.


You can acquire this unique publication in a number of ways.

Given the extremely costly process of production, the price for an edition of this size and quality is relatively low: € 5500. If you subscribe in advance, you will pay only
€ 4800. And this amount can be paid in monthly installments – without extra cost.