What books did Johann Sebastian Bach have on his shelves at the time of his death?

We have a list of them.
Most of the books themselves were lost.

But not all of them.

Fortunately the book that for Bach was the most important, his three-volume Bible, has been preserved and found its way to a library in St. Louis, USA.


On each title page

Bach's signature and date: 1733.


Handwritten note by Bach on 1 Chronicles 25

"NB. This chapter is the true foundation of all God-pleasing church music."


Handwritten note by Bach on 1 Chronicles 28:21

"NB. Splendid proof that, besides other arrangements of the service of worship, music too was instituted by the Spirit of God through David."


Handwritten note by Bach on 2 Chronicles 5:13

"NB. Where there is devotional music, God is always present with his grace."



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